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Holiday Livery

by | Apr 20, 2017 |

Planning a holiday, wondering who will take care of your horse?

Wellow Equestrian offer both training and full livery. If you want your pony putting through his paces we can provide a schooling livery. We will agree a training programme with you and whilst you are relaxing your horse will be learning, we may even send you some photos to keep you in touch. Alternatively it might be the time for your horse to chill and be pampered, or something in between, just let us know.

Holiday Schooling livery:  From  £35 per day

Holiday Full Livery: From  £30 per day

I keep my horse on a DIY livery yard and when I go on holiday I have to find somewhere for him to go. It is very difficult to find somewhere you can trust to look after your horse as well as you do yourself but luckily for me, I found Jake and his team at Wellow Equestrian. 

They really do provide a professional service, they will ride if you want or just let them have chill out time.  They even had him when he was on rehabilitation following an injury and carried out my vet’s instructions to the letter.

He has been there 3 times now and each time he has come back looking immaculate, my fellow DIY liveries comment on how well he looks, I do not have to go through the process of getting him fit again and I can enjoy my holiday knowing he is well looked after. I will definitely be booking in him for this year. 


Going on holiday or your horse needs schooling then look no further than Wellow Equestrian. I have done that just that. Jake and his team of professional and caring helpers have  looked after my horse extremely well during his stays. Not only has his training advanced each time  but he has come home happy, relaxed and looking great.  My horse is already booked in for his next stay. 

 My riding and the performance of my horse have progressed enormously since I have had lessons with Jake. He puts up with my many senile moments displaying humour, patience and professionalism. His lessons are challenging, tailored  but above all fun and are the highlight of my week.